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We had our first GPS tracking device installed about four months ago and our second unit installed two weeks ago in our delivery vans. It has taken away "guessing" where the vans are and allows the stores to let customers know how far away a delivery will be if we cannot get hold of the drivers on their mobiles.

Being able to see what the vans are doing after hours and making sure they are not doing more miles then they need to. It has also helped with time sheets and the actual time the van stopped, which will over time save a considerable amount of money. The system is very easy to understand and it's great being able to access it from any PC. We will be looking to install another unit in our service van before Christmas.

Rob Andrews, Body4u Fitness Equipment, Auckland

Having heard a spiel on GPS, we thought it sounded like a good idea to install 6 units into our vans. The spiel did not do the system justice. We have found the system useful in so many ways, e.g.

Using the GPS we can ascertain exactly where each of the vans is located and choose the closest van to a new call out job

We can keep an eye on where the vans actually are 24 hours a day, seven days a week this has significantly reduced the usage the vans were receiving outside of work hours

GPS confirms the times the staff is actually at the job. This has proved useful for clients who query the time charged on their jobs

The staff use the GPS reports to help write up their time sheets and record mileage to various jobs

We have found the system to be very user friendly. The most incompetent person in the office, has had no trouble finding their way around the system.

Roger Westbrooke, Laser Plumbing East Tamaki

 We have had the Fleet Tracking units installed in the majority of our fleet. This has provided safety benefits to our staff members as well as allowing us to make more informed decisions on how best to deliver support to our clients. These decisions have been made using the very helpful and informative reporting service.

From this reporting service we have been able see who does the pattern of travel, which has in turn allowed us to manage our fleet better by allowing us to make informed decisions and predictions on how best to arrange staff schedules and clients.

James Bird, Pact Group, Dunedin

GPS tracking has become an invaluable tool for our daily workflow and efficiency, and we now could not imagine ever being without it.  The advantages are numerous

  • It allows us to locate the team on the road if required without having to phone and interrupt them
  • Advise clients of approximate arrival times and length of time on a job
  • Divert the nearest vehicle to an urgent call out
  • Reconfirm timesheet details if required
  • Eliminates any temptation to misuse of vehicles  
  • We would highly recommend GPS Tracking NZ to any business with company vehicles on the road.

Karen Lowe, General Manager, Gavin Lowe Energy. Christchurch